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Short Survey Form

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Were you happy with the overall quality of the system
Very Good
Are you aware that electrical connection can be applied online.  Yes     No
Were you able to find the required information related to procedures, documents checklist, fees or charges applicable for availing the service on the website  Yes     No
Are you aware of the timelines within which the department has to fulfill this service  Yes     No
Did you make the payment for the electricity connection online  Yes     No
Are you aware that application for electrical connection requires only two documents i.e. proof of ownership/occupancy and authorization document (in case of firm/company)  Yes     No
Were the fixed cost estimate based on load (KVA/KW) required for obtaining electricity connection generated online for you  Yes     No
Are you aware that electricity connection application can be made through the TS-iPASS online single window system  Yes     No
Are you aware that self-certification /third party certification is sufficient for electrical inspectorate certificate for electrical installation (below 650V)  Yes     No
Were you given the final approval within the stipulated timelines  Yes     No
Were you able to track the status of your application through the website  Yes     No
Were you asked for any offline information or documents for application processing  Yes     No
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