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Ease Of Doing Business

BRAP Recommendation for the Year 2019 Compliance Details
47 Implement online application system with the follwing features :
1. Online Submission of application with out the need to submit physical copy of application
2. Eliminate physical touch point for document submission
3. Allow option of online payment of application fee.
4. Allow applicant to track status of application online.
Complied(Last year)
48 Reduce the number of mandatory documents required for obtaining electricity connection to :
1. Proof of identity of the user
2. Proof of ownership/occupancy (incase of owned/leased premise)
3. Authorization document(in case of firm or company)
Instructions were issued vide Circular Memo No.CGM(COMML)/SE(C)/DE(C)/ADE-I/DNo2263/18Dt:31.12.2018
49 Ensure that :
1.The State regulator publishes monthly data,regarding total duration and frequency of power outages online in public domain
2. Ensure Discoms display information on tariffs (in Rs.per KW) and notify customers of change in tariff ahead of billing cycle(for commercial and industrial users)
3.Discoms notify customers of planned outages (maintainence and load shedding) for the next 1 month in advance
Instructions were issued vide Circular Memo No.CGM(COMML)/SE(C)/DE(C)/ADE-I/DNo2261/18Dt:31.12.2018
50 Stipulate that charged electrical connections (for all voltages-Low/High/Extra High Tension) along with Chief Electrical Inspector General(CEIG) approval (wherever required) is provided within: :
1.Seven days(where no 'Right of Way'(RoW) is required)
2. Fifteen days where RoW is required from concerned agencies
Instructions were issued vide Circular Memo No.CGM(COMML)/SE(C)/DE(C)/ADE-I/DNo2262/18Dt:31.12.2018
51 Allow users to pay electricity bills on-line.
Complied(Last Year)